Program Guidelines


• Each student is required to volunteer a minimum of 40 hours per year

• The official Silver Cord calendar year runs from June 1- May 31.

• Hours are credited by 15 minute intervals, with a limit of eight hours per day.

• Students have 30 days from the date of service to record hours with their respective Community School Coordinator.

• Ongoing or reoccurring opportunities are to be submitted monthly within 30 days of the last date of service.

• No credit will be given for hours that are submitted six months or more after the last day of service.

• It is each student’s responsibility to check their online account to view their total hours and hours that are approved/denied by their Community School Coordinator.

• Students must document all service opportunities via the Silver Cord online system. If you do not have access to the internet, contact (link) your Community School Coordinator.

• Seniors must submit all requests for credit no later than May 1st.

• All service opportunities must be pre-approved before a request for credit can be submitted.

• All of the service opportunities posted on the Silver Cord webpages are already pre-approved and can be found on the online application’s drop-down menu when submitting credit for an activity.

Acceptable hours

• Service activities must meet a clear need for a nonprofit (501c3) or government agency. [Examples include but are not limited to: schools, local or state governments, church, parks, charity programs, community events or community organizations. Exemptions: senior living communities, nursing homes and child care centers.]

• Volunteer projects / activities must be supervised by an adult who is employed by the service organization or is an established volunteer recognized by the organization. Family members and/or fellow students are not eligible to serve as the supervisor or verify volunteer hours.

• Students may receive volunteer hours for helping at religious institutions as long as those hours do not include participation in a religious service.

• Service activities should be considered “above and beyond” one’s usual scope of involvement with the agency.

Non-Acceptable Hours

• Court-ordered Community Service.

• Service provided directly to a for-profit institution or organization.

• Service / time for which you are being financially reimbursed or compensated in any manner.

• Travel time to and from the service site / activity.

• Sleeping or personal recreation time during service hours.

• Hours completed during class time unless sanctioned/approved by school administration. Student aides receiving credit are not allowed to count this as service time.

• Service provided in conjunction with an academic course or other school-based organization or group [For example: National Honor Society, Ambassadors, athletic/music/academic cubs or programs, sports team managing and/or training, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities]

• Service hours used to satisfy a requirement/obligation for any agency, program or organization of which you are a member.

Any questions or concerns regarding acceptable service activities should be directed to your Community School Coordinator.